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Genie Builder v0.2: speed up your Julia app development

One of the projects our team at Genie is most excited about is Genie Builder, our no-code UI plugin for VSCode. With it, you can create a UI for your Julia apps without writing a single line of HTML or Javascript. All you have to do is drag and drop the UI components and connect them to the variables in the backend code. Pretty amazing, right?

Today, we're releasing Genie Builder v0.2, a majorly improved version to help you build Julia apps more quickly and productively.

What's new?

  • We've integrated the new Genie Framework API to create apps with significantly less code.
  • The no-code UI editor is more powerful and polished, with new default menu selections, automatic loading of binding variables, and much more.
  • The starting project template is more streamlined, consisting of only two files: one for the logic and one for the view.

To get the new version, simply update Genie Builder in VSCode.

Build your data app in 3 simple steps

Genie Builder streamlines the app development by splitting the implementation into 3 simple steps:

1) Write the data analysis code as you would usually do, no need to worry about UI stuff!

2) Design the UI with Genie Builder's no-code editor in a matter of minutes.

3) Link your Julia code to the UI by exposing variables with the @in and out macros, selecting the data bindings in the no-code editor, and adding reactive code in the @onchangeany macro.


Check out the video below for a step-by-step tutorial in which we build the Iris Clustering demo app using Genie Builder v0.2.

If you need support or have feedback and suggestions, make sure to join our Discord. See you there!

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Roland Schätzle

The tutorial on YouTube is a highly recommended companion to this article!

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Very cool workflow. The builder's binding approach is unique from what I have seen the past, great work!