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Genie Cloud: the new standard for building Julia web apps

We're thrilled to announce the launch of Genie Cloud, a low/no-code platform for quickly building web applications around your Julia code.

Genie Cloud is designed to help data scientists and researchers productize their Julia models with interactive, shareable web apps - without having to worry about frontend, backend development, or hosting.

Powered by the Genie Framework

Genie Cloud is built on top of Genie Framework, the open-source Julia web framework we've been developing since 2016. Thanks to the Julia community and its contributors, Genie Framework has become the most widely adopted package for building web apps and APIs in Julia, accumulating 2k GitHub stars and over 65k downloads.

But the feedback we've been consistently receiving from the community is that Genie Framework can be daunting for the typical Julia user - a data or research scientist with little to no web development skills.

So our team set out to abstract away the complexities of web development with easy-to-use and highly productive no-code tooling.

Built around Genie Builder, our popular no-code plugin

In 2022, we raised venture capital to bring our vision to life and launched our first no-code product - Genie Builder, a VSCode extension with a drag & drop UI builder. Since its release in late July 2022, Genie Builder has been used by over 1,000 data scientists and R&D engineers around the world.

Genie Cloud takes Genie Builder to the cloud, offering a smoother, more productive user experience, including improved no-code UI capabilities and for the first time, one-click deployments.

For beginners and power users alike

Beginners will find Genie Cloud easy to use. Building a simple dashboard app for example, only takes a few minutes. Add your Julia data analysis code, build the UI with the no-code editor, implement the app logic with macros, and deploy with one click.

For the power users who want to build more complex data products, Genie Cloud can be extended by Genie Framework which offers a low-code UI library, 1st party plugins, backend and ORM libraries.

Our users are building a wide variety of apps with Genie Cloud already. Data scientists are building dashboards for data exploration and analytics; actuaries are creating data products for risk modeling; ML engineers and researchers are building apps that run (and show off!) ML models or simulations. Software engineers are building internal tools like frontends for info management systems; aerospace engineers are creating apps to manage lab equipment. We can't wait to see what more they will build with Genie Cloud.

Launching in private beta, with a free community tier

Genie Cloud is launching in private beta, with new invites being sent gradually every week. Register to join the waitlist or book a demo if your team or company wants a walkthrough.

Julia is a language on the rise for computationally demanding applications. At Genie, we strive to serve the Julia community with highly productive, accessible web development tools that enable them to share their work more easily and have greater impact on their organizations.

So we're excited to make Genie Cloud available with a free community tier. To get started, check our Resource Hub for guides and tutorials, and join our Discord for community support.

The Genie team

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kronosthelate profile image

Are there plans to make anything paid, related association with Genie could? Someone has to pay for the servers hosting things, and I do not want to get too comfortable with Genie cloud, only to meet a paywall somewhere in the future.

(But expecting you to pay for the servers is asking for free lunch, so I do not at all expect that to be a possibility)

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Steven Siew

That's it? That's all you gonna say about Genie Cloud?