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The Julia Forem: What it is, why we made one, and how to use it!

Welcome to the Julia Forem! If you are reading this, you are on our new Forem instance. You might be asking yourself a lot of questions like what is this new platform, why did we set it up, or maybe what the best way to use it is. Well, we are going to answer all of these questions and more in this post so stay tuned!

What is Forem?

Forem is the platform used to build https://dev.to and is now an open source project and company (similar in nature to discourse). I suggest reading a bit about Forem on their site: https://www.forem.com.

TLDR (too long didn't read): Forem is a community platform that allows you write technical and non-technical content alike in a way that lets people:

  • better engage with your content through comments and threads
  • automatically have great SEO so people actually read what you write
  • moderation tools
  • integration with other writing platforms and much more!

Why we are using Forem

Something people frequently say to me with respect to why they don't use Julia is that "there is not enough Julia content out there". While this is true to a certain degree, a much larger issue is that much of the content is very scattered on personal blogs, random sites, and other places which makes it hard to find and engage with. Even if someone can find your blog post, there might not be a comment functionality. On Medium for example, where I have posted a few articles, I have seen my own posts get 10k+ views without any meaningful conversation around the post (besides on Twitter).

Forem is an attempt at giving people a world class tool to write and share their Julia content with a community of people who can read, discussion, and amplify that content.

Note that while we have lots of community platforms like Discourse, Slack, Zulip, a Julia Twitter community, and many more, we see Forem as filling a gap that none of these other tools do. We don't expect Forem to replace any of them but rather act as a central hub to share, write, and discuss new Julia content.

How to use Forem

Think of Forem as your own personal blogging platform. You can come here, write a post, or just read some of the cool stuff others have been working on. You can also setup your Forem account to automatically pull articles from places like Medium or the like so you can cross post them here. You are also able to set the canonical URL which is a fancy SEO term that just means you can copy an article here and then tell Google (or other search engines) that this is just the copy and you really want people to go to this other link (like your personal blog for example).

You can read the Forem FAQ here: https://forem.julialang.org/faq

The bottom line, this is a space for the community to create and share content. We hope it will improve the experience of making content, increase the reach of said content, and reduce barriers for those looking to write about Julia.

What is next?

Forem is a new platform for us. So we aren't expecting anything crazy in the first couple of weeks. But we do hope that folks find value here and decide to post their articles for the community. If you have any questions, we will do our best to answer them!

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davibarreira profile image
Davi Sales Barreira

Veeery nice! There is a bunch of top-notch Julia articles scattered. Joining them in a single place is an awesome idea. I've felt the same way about Medium. Wrote some articles there, very large number of views. Now I intend to migrate to here :)

logankilpatrick profile image
Logan Kilpatrick

Glad to hear it! Can't wait to see your articles

shayan profile image

cool! here we go πŸ₯³

ben profile image
Ben Halpern


lewisliu profile image


akvsak profile image
Ashok Kumar

What does the unicorn icon do that is different from love icon? This is all I could find after internet search.

Hearts, unicorns, and bookmarks. Reactions are the medium for displaying appreciation for content. Bookmarks have the unique functionality of saving an article in the user's reading list.

logankilpatrick profile image
Logan Kilpatrick

Unicorns are the same as likes, just cooler! (They don't do anything special at the moment)

hamishmclean profile image
Hamish McLean

Is there an rss feed?

youainti profile image
William King

From what I can tell, this is Julia's answer to R-bloggers.

logankilpatrick profile image
Logan Kilpatrick

The Julia community has had: https://twitter.com/juliabloggers?s=21&t=O2sBan42ChXH3c9d3URVxA for 8 years now, Forem goes beyond just being a place to aggregate posts, it’s has tons of features built in to enable discussion and community which is lacking in other places.

tmigot profile image

Interesting point! I will give it a try.

vinodv profile image
Vinod V

Can I see no of views, sources etc?

logankilpatrick profile image
Logan Kilpatrick

You should be able to see the # of views for each post in the dashboard.

Sloan, the sloth mascot
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