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John D. Ramsdell
John D. Ramsdell

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Julia for Election Security

Julia is being used to make voting more secure, transparent and accessible. Microsoft created ElectionGuard, an open source software development kit (SDK) designed for election system vendors to incorporate end-to-end verifiability into their systems and any interested organization to perform and publish post-election audits. ElectionGuard uses cryptography to ensure that

  • voters can verify that their own selections have been correctly recorded, and

  • anyone can verify that the recorded votes have been correctly tallied.

Microsoft asked The MITRE Corporation to independently produce a verifier the checks published election results. For the public to have confidence in a verifier, it is essential that a verifier be written using obviously correct algorithms in a language that easily understood. The MITRE ElectionGuard Verifier was written in Julia because it is easy to understand even by people not familiar with the language.

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Logan Kilpatrick

This is awesome! It would be really cool to see some code examples and walk through around github.com/mitre/ElectionGuardVeri...