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Importing Genie Builder apps for deployment on Genie Cloud

Today we’re rolling out some major upgrades to Genie Cloud; see the changelog here.

1. We’ve made it easier for Genie Builder users to import their apps for deployment on Genie Cloud. Simply zip and 📤 upload your Genie Builder app via the import menu, or clone the code straight from a GitHub repo. Check our walkthrough video to see how it works. 👇

For those with Genie Framework apps - support is on the horizon, so stay tuned!

2. 💡 We've pre-loaded two demo apps in your workspace to help you explore Genie Cloud.

You can experiment with them in the development environment:

  • Edit or add UI components using our drag & drop no-code editor
  • Try the Genie UI Assistant (powered by GPT-4!) to edit, add and style components with natural language
  • Deploy on a public URL

3. 💪 Genie Cloud is more stable and faster. We've upgraded the platform to Julia 1.9 for increased performance and have enhanced our infrastructure for better resilience. Plus, we've squashed all major bugs. 🚫🪲

Genie Cloud is in private beta but we’re inviting users regularly.

If you haven’t signed up for a free account yet, it’s a great moment to do so: https://www.geniecloud.io/

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