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Logan Kilpatrick
Logan Kilpatrick

Posted on • Originally published at Medium

Working with Flux.jl models on the Hugging Face Hub πŸ€—

This article will go over the details of how to save a model in Flux.jl (the 100% Julia Machine Learning package) and then upload or retrieved it from the Hugging Face Hub. For those who don’t know what Hugging Face (HF) is, it’s like GitHub, but for Machine Learning models. Let’s dive in to how you can use your favorite Julia ML package to work with HF πŸ€—!

You can read the full article on my Medium Post.

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Christopher Rowley • Edited on

I just came across this post and thought you'd like to know I've started work on a Julia interface to πŸ€— Hub - it turns out the API is quite simple and easy to write a client for. The main thing it doesn't do yet is cache downloaded files for you.

Edit: oops forgot the link! github.com/cjdoris/HuggingFaceHub.jl

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Logan Kilpatrick Author

Great to hear! I would love to see a post when it is ready to share.