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Interdisciplinary Physics Team
Interdisciplinary Physics Team

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[ANN] JuliaEpi: Collaborative Computational Epidemiology in Julia

We're building an open research community called JuliaEpi to develop an epidemiological modelling ecosystem written in Julia for the design, management, wrangling and quality assessment of multiple data types and sources and the parameterisation, calibration, validation, simulation and emulation of multiple classes of epidemiological models aimed at tackling typical problems such as situational awareness, nowcasting projection and evaluation, forecasting projection and evaluation, prospective and retrospective scenario analysis to ultimately support the preparedness, surveillance, response, control and prevention of outbreaks, epidemics and pandemics.

Contact Us

Are you an epi/eco/stat modeller or data scientist/manager?

Would you be interested in joining us to collaborate on the management and wrangling of data, the translation of past/present project-specific or package code into Julia, the conceptualization of new research projects, the open development and maintenance of new packages, offering and receiving expert feedback though issues, discussions and the whole lot of open source research communities?

Then please contact us via Twitter DM or email and let us know

  • if you're interested to offer your contribution or you know students/researchers/developers who might be interested in collaborating;
  • if you believe you could transfer some of your relevant repositories to JuliaEpi.

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