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Discussion on: 5 important talks you might have missed at JuliaCon 2022

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SundaraRaman R • Edited on

Thank you for posting this here! (Medium is difficult to use for non-logged-in users, so I'm glad to see this on Forem.)

I still have a list of talks I would like to watch. But among the ones I've watched, some of my favourites were:

  1. Compile-time programming with CompTime.jl
  2. Comonicon, a full stack solution for building CLI applications
  3. Interactive Julia data dashboards with Genie
  4. Build an extensible gallery of examples (DemoCards.jl)
  5. Julia REPL Mastery Workshop

I loved the ones you've mentioned too, especially: Makie is always awe-inspiring, and the VS Code extension is jumping ahead by leaps and bounds every update.

A few other honorable mentions that I liked too: "Juliaup - The Julia installer and version multiplexer", "Optimization of bike manufacturing and distribution (use-case)", and "Data Analysis and Visualization with AlgebraOfGraphics".