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Can you guess how many programming languages exist in this world without googling ?

Julia language ranked in the top 5 list of stackoverflow developer insights list.

But Can you guess without searching on google

  1. How many computer programming languages exist in this world ?
  2. How many of them are popular ? Make a guess and look for the answer here along with top 10 most loved programming languages in 2022 and which companies use each of them.


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SundaraRaman R

I know that there are about 6000 natural/human languages, and my guess was an order of magnitude higher for programming languages, 60000, because I was thinking of all the weird esoteric languages that exist. It seems this count is only about "normal" programming languages though, for that I would have guess a 100 or 200.

Surprised to see Delphi in the top 10 languages list! Goes to show that what people talk about on discussion forums (HN, reddit, etc.) and what people actually use and love can be very different.

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Tip Season

Totally true. I think there are few languages that are not main stream but still used in many enterprise level and other projects. 60K looks a bit huge I think :) . But we never know it might be true too. Thanks for your thoughts @digital_carver

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