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Jan Siml
Jan Siml

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Jingle All the Way with the Latest PromptingTools.jl Updates

🎄 TL;DR PromptingTools.jl's latest updates bring a festive mix of AI conversations, RAGTools for advanced generation, improved AICode parsing, and support for MistralAI and OpenAI-compatible APIs, all wrapped up in a joyful, Christmas-themed package for Julia developers. 🌟🎁

🎄 Jingle All the Way with the Latest PromptingTools.jl Updates! 🌟

🎅 Season's Greetings, Julia Elves! Get ready to unwrap a sleigh-load of updates from PromptingTools.jl, all bundled up just in time for a festive coding season!

🔔 First off, we've cooked up some magic in our elves' workshop: the @ai!_str macros. Now, continuing a conversation is as easy as singing a Christmas carol. Start with ai"question", reply with ai!"follow-up-response", and if you fancy a new tune, just begin anew with ai"". It's like having your very own AI Santa, ready to chat through the snowy night!

🎁 Have you been good this year? Because our RAGTools sub-module is here, a gift for all the Retrieval-Augmented Generation enthusiasts! Build your own AI-guided winter wonderland with functions like build_index and airag. And don't worry, we've made sure parsing of Julia code in your AI messages is on the nice list, AICode is catching errors like Santa catches cookies!

❄️ With the festive spirit, we've also added new prompt templates and improved AICode handling, making coding as joyful as unwrapping presents. Plus, we're now welcoming new guests to our holiday party: MistralAI and OpenAI-compatible APIs. It's like inviting the whole North Pole over!

🌲 Our elf engineers have been busy tinkering with utilities for Julia code generation, ensuring your holiday projects are merry and bright. And with our revamped MODEL_REGISTRY, it's like having a Christmas list of all your favorite AI models! Don't forget to check out the new Preferences.jl-based presets.

So, gather around the fireplace, fellow Julia developers. With PromptingTools.jl, you're not just writing code; you're orchestrating a symphony of AI-powered holiday cheer. Let's make this coding season the merriest one yet! 🌟🎉

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