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Advancing AlgebraicJulia

Looks like the Topos Institute got a grant from Mozilla to further develop AlgebraicJulia: https://blog.mozilla.org/en/mozilla/mieco-alegbraic-julia-brendan-fong/

AlgebraicJulia is a damn cool project. They use advanced categorical notions like cospans and what not as a basis for compositional modelling of physical-chemical-biological-epidemiological-etc. processes. But on the surface they use good 'ol "stock and flow" diagrams that are supposed to be drawn by unsuspecting scientists, possibly from different fields. That's where compositionality becomes crucial: it guarantees that combination of any two (or more) diagrams works as expected without falling apart.

I can only speculate why they decided to use Julia for this development, but my guess is to tap into rich ecosystem of Differential Equations. Which is necessary as long as "stock and flow" diagrams (as well as many other formalisms) define a system of differential equations modelling dynamics of a real-world processes.

Anyway, as long as Mozilla's MIECO program accepts and supports individual contributors, you can get paid for developing Category Theory in Julia! How crazy is that, huh? 😄

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